Some Images from Archangelofden

November 8 is "Holy Archangel Michael's Day" and since the local church in Straldja is known as "Archangel Michael's Church," November 8 is a holiday for the entire Municipality.  Activities begin two days before and go through the week.  Here are some selected images from the 2001 celebration.  Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image.

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Inside the church in Straldja Metropole Yanik at close of service. Metropole Yanik again Mayor opening festivities. Raising the flag All the VIPs at flag-raising Opening ceremonies
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School principal and a teacher Deputy mayor (r) and principal of main school (m), and principal of a village school (l) Mayor and chair of municipal council at exhibit of local art. Director of culture department of municipality, at art show. Girls in traditional costume who opened art show. Some of the art. More art
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Local art. Opening ceremony Some of guests at art show. Some of the local artists Chairman of the Municipal Council A cat visits the school street race! Kids at the race
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More kids Historical contest between schools. Some contestants. Judges at contest. Mayor:  Dr. Andon Vasilev Mayor and principal at festivities JOBS staff, Dobi and Ditchko. Nadya, local TV reporter.
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TV cameraman Business English class at Municipality Dobi at a local Internet Club