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Investment Possibilities in Straldja, Bulgaria

Why Straldja?
Lower Costs
Lots of Opportunities
Low Stress Environment

What Existing Businesses Are Available for Investment?
Water Buffalo Farm
Floral Production
Other Agricultural Businesses

What Other Opportunities Are Available?
A large manufacturing plant
A furniture factory
Other possibilities

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Why Straldja?

Location: Straldja is located in the Thracian lowlands of Bulgaria on the main railroad line, and main highway, between Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia and the Black Sea port city of Bourgas. Convenient rail-sea-air shipment east to Bourgas (less than an hour away) or rail-truck shipment west through the Balkans.

Lower Costs: Everything is less expensive in Straldja! Wages are the most reasonable in all of Europe and costs for virtually everything are a fraction of those in America or Western Europe. The principal natural gas pipeline from north in Romania to Turkey passes right through Straldja. There are even naturally warm mineral waters available - 77 degrees Celsius (170 degrees Fahrenheit) - flowing at 81 liters (21½ gallons) a second.

Logistics: Straldja has everything you need, including numerous vacant locations on the rail-line, several with existing buildings and rail spurs. An adequate labor pool, many with engineering background. And a municipal administration willing to work with potential investors in the area.

Lots of Opportunities: There are plenty of existing businesses in need of partnerships and several empty plant-sites from before the fall of the Berlin Wall available for development.

Low Stress Environment: Bulgaria is an island of peace in the middle of the Balkans. A peaceful, secure and stable country. Recent European Union and International Monetary Fund initiatives have stabilized the currency and created an inflation-free economy.

What Existing Businesses Are Available for Investment?

These are only samples . . .

Water Buffalo Farm - Tomorrow’s health food craze! Water buffalo are so healthy, they do not get cancer. The milk is rich and produces wonderful yogurt and the local white cheese, cirene (or feta). A farm in Straldja has a herd of these animals and sells both the dairy products and breeding stock. They need to expand, are using only a fraction of the land they have, they have the markets, but need foreign investment to take advantage of them.

Cannery - A cannery for fruits and vegetables is also using only a fraction of its current facilities. Straldja is a traditional agricultural center and the produce from the region is famous for its quality and taste. Outside investment would allow the cannery to take advantage of overseas as well as national markets.

Floral Production - A large “city” of greenhouses north of the town of Straldja was once a thriving center for growing flowers. The natural mineral springs provide year-round heating so the operation can be a 12-month one. Today, only a portion of the greenhouses are in operation, used for fruits and vegetables only. What’s needed? Investment so the greenhouses can be put back into the production of the much more valuable florist products.

Other Agricultural Businesses - Throughout the municipality, which covers 722 square kilometers (nearly 300 square miles), there are many farms of considerable size in need of investment. 81% of the total land area is agricultural - wheat, grapes, sunflower seeds, tobacco, corn and truck crops. Investment opportunities in agriculture are numerous.

What Other Opportunities Are Available?

A large manufacturing plant (used in the Soviet era for arms production) is in Straldja. On the rail-line, it covers a large area and includes facilities for metal-working and other manufacture. It could be easily converted to any form of manufacturing.

A furniture factory is also unused at the present time on Straldja’s rail-line. Conversion to other uses would be relatively simple and it would be an ideal site for a new factory dedicated to its original use. The Balkan mountains are only a few kilometers north of Straldja and could be a source of lumber.

Other possibilities: Facilities are available that could be readily converted for use as a meat-packing plant, a dairy operation, or bakery. All of these could use locally produced products to meet markets both nationally and abroad.

For More Information . . .

Contact the city:

Andon Vassilev, Mayor
Straldja Municipality
8680, Straldja, 16 “Hemus” St.
Yambol Oblast, BULGARIA
Phone: 359/4761/25-00
Fax: 359/4761/34-04

E-mail: straldjainf@yahoo.com 
Web: http://www.straldjainf.search.bg

For English language, contact the local JOBS Office:

Ditchko Dichev, Team Leader
Information Business Center
8680 Straldja, 12 “Hemus” St. Yambol Oblast, BULGARIA
Phone: 359/04761/23-93
GSM: 088/43-30-78

E-mail: bic_straldja@mail.bg